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We’re Baaaack! A Music Moves Update

Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since my last post here – yikes!!  There’s been a lot been going down in my world lately – plenty to keep me busy for the last 60 days (and plenty more to come over the next 60 and beyond)! I’ve shared in previous posts that I’ve been trying to break the habit of apologizing all the time whenever I have to miss or come late to something due to my schedule, so know that it isn’t my intent for this to be a top 10 list of excuses for not blogging lately, BUT there have been lots of things keeping me busy that I actually consider quite exciting and worth sharing, so without further ado, here are the top 4 reasons why Natasha’s blog has been silent so long (the excited, “non-apologetic” edition =p):

4. Loopy Stanley: this will mark Stanley’s 2nd year in the Loop-o-sphere, and his reappearance after last year’s debut has been thus far what I would call a mixed success.  We had fewer Music Therapists contributing this year (2 compared to last year’s 3) but almost DOUBLE the number of video & audio submissions (13 compared to last year’s 7) so I’m very excited to start delving through the submissions and putting together our 2013 Loopy Stanley video very soon!

3. Preparations to run my Second 5k: April is Autism Awareness Month, and a colleague and friend of mine (whose own family’s journey with Autism you can read about here) is hosting an Autism Speaks 5k Fundraiser for Autism Research on April 20th.  Now, illness, weather, and a general lack of daylight hours has made it tough for me to do much, let alone train outdoors since my last 5k in January, but now that the sun is out longer, I’m feeling (relatively) healthier, and the weather is (knock on wood!) improving, I look forward to joining friends and family in supporting a cause that is near and dear to my own heart and affects 1 in 88 children every year.

2. Putting 1800 miles on a State Vehicle making up missed visits from bad weather in January and February.  I’ve mentioned before that many of my students with the ND School for the Blind only get sessions from me once a month, primarily due to the ratio of students to Music Therapists working in our agency (41:1, woohoo!), but also due to the rural nature of our state and how many miles have to be traveled to get to some of them.  So, when those roads get ugly, many of my students don’t get music therapy, and this winter has definitely made that a challenge! I spent a good deal of February trying (and failing) to make up missed January visits, then having to cancel February visits, and then March came along and I snatched up every good weather day we had driving from place to place to make up visits,  going to some locations 3 and 4 hours out from my home town twice in the past month.  So, with a little bit of math it looks like I traveled an average of 58 miles a day.  Not at all uncommon for some Music Therapists, but man it was out of the ordinary for me! Hats of to my itinerant MT-BC’s out there.  Whew!

And the #1 reason why it’s been so quiet here at Music Moves….

1. World Bellydance Day is coming!  I’ve been working tirelessly with members of my Lovely Dozen Bellydance Troupe to set up a weekend long event to occur May 10-12 featuring Saroya of Atlanta, my first Bellydance Instructor from when I was doing my internship in Georgia.  We’ll be hosting workshops with Saroya, a stage show featuring dancers from all over the state in addition to our special guest, and we’ll be participating in an International Domestic Violence Awareness campaign called ShimmyMob on May 11th.  It’s going to be a jampacked weekend, and it’s been quite the adventure setting up Paypal to receive registrations, a Troupe bank account for managing our income and expenses, and increased rehearsals and meetings with the Troupe to plan for all the amazing dancers, vendors, and everyday people that will be coming together for this fantastic event.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Coming together, making connections, wherever you’re doing it, is meaningful.  Most of my connections lately have been offline, or away from this blog, but they’re never far away!  Months like these last few are where I relish in social media, because it allows me to stay connected with my fellow Music Therapists, and subscribers to this blog can always hop onto our homepage and see my Twitter Feed to know that I’m still ticking out there, even if I’m not doing it here :-) So, keep connecting my friends, and know that I’ll be connecting back here again soon!


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