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Hello and welcome February!

It is a blustery one here in North Dakota.  As  I type I am enjoying an impromptu Snow Day after we got a healthy dumping of snow and wind, enough to close down two major interstates (which in ND, is a pretty big deal).  Looking out my window everything is clear now, just lots of work to do if I should get the urge to attempt vacating my driveway anytime today!

This month is also showing up to be a blustery one for health too – lots of colds and flu bugs whirling around.  I myself caught one such bug that rendered me unable to get my last two posts of MT Advocacy Month out  in time for the end of January (as did, sadly the little client whose mother was going to write a guest post too – we may have to wait on that recovery a little longer).  But, weather and illness aside, I am excited to present to you all at least one of those posts: announcing the return of Loopy Stanley this year!

What is Loopy Stanley?

Last year, I began a project based on Flat Stanley, like you see in elementary schools around the world.  Children color in a little paper doll named Stanley, and send him via snail mail on “adventures” to their friends and family, all of whom photograph Stanley in their environments so that when he returns to his creators, they all have a photo collection of where he’s been.  Combine that idea with this great series of videos calledSong around the World,” and you have the basis of the concept for Loopy Stanley: have one group of people create a musical loop, and then send it out into the world to have recorded “adventures” with other people, so that eventually you can have a musical collection of where the loop has been.  Last year’s Loopy Stanley was an original loop created in the Ipad app Loopseque, and two MT-BCs contributed a total of 3 video and audio recordings that transformed the song from a simple series of beats and chords to an awesome melodic jam between my Ipad, a tambourine, a saxaphone, and an oboe – very cool stuff!  This year’s Loopy Stanley is based on a song you may find familiar, recorded by the students of the North Dakota School for the Deaf on Garage Band.  We’re hoping that using an already established song, and giving folks more time to contribute (last year I think we only gave folks a month, this year you’ve got two extra weeks!) will make Loopy Stanley a little more accessible this year.

So… check it out! And let us know what you think

This was my first time using iMovie on my Ipad to create the video, and I will admit to using some Quantization in Garageband, so you may notice some patches of video & audio are out of sync – no need to adjust your screen resolution or anything :-)

Promo Video for Loopy Stanley 2013 – link will open in new tab

If you think you’d like to contribute to Loopy Stanley, here’s all you’d have to do:

1. Like what you hear :-)

2. Email for me to send you audio or Garage band versions of the loops used in this video.

3. Record yourself or a client (audio & video) playing or singing along to one or all of the loops (wear headphones so we don’t hear the loops in the background)

4. Send your loops back to me by March 31st to compile with any others we receive to make one master track and video to be released in April of this year!

5. Check back in April of 2013 and like what you hear (again :-)

*Remember, please have recording permission for any client material you plan to submit as the final video will be made public!”

My kids at NDSD were very excited about sharing this song with the world this year!  They had a blast seeing and listening to the contributions from last year, and we look forward to hearing from folks again this time around – maybe one of those folks could be YOU!!


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