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Rumor Has It…

…It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  That much is definitely true!

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been working on some life projects that have made me put blogging on the backburner for a little while, but I’m back and excited to share some of what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks with you!

Rumor has it is a hit song by the British Singer-Songwriter Adele, and amidst all the hustle and bustle of this past month, as snow began to melt in North Dakota, I found myself with this tune stuck in my head after a Spring-Themed Music Therapy Session where one of my preschooler’s requested I sing some Adele.  Now, most of Adele’s songs are about Breakups, which didn’t seem quite right to share in that setting, so I came up with some adapted lyrics on the spot – check out my summary of the most recent  “Rumors” in my life (most of them based on my Twitter Feed over the last few weeks) then find my sharing of the adapted lyrics I created for the Adele song at the bottom of this post – enjoy!

Rumor has it…

Loopy Stanley was quite the success!  I got lots of good feedback in the week after it was released, enough to really solidify my plans to bring our little musical friend back again soon – look for him to most likely resurface in late summer or early fall of this year!

I’ve had some folks ask how the final video was put together.  To answer that I direct folks to two of my favorite free programs: Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.  Now, to my Mac friends, I know (or so I’m told!) that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t hold a candle to Apple’s IMovie program, but for those of us still occupying the PC world, Windows Movie Maker does the trick for pairing different video and audio sources together!  When participants in the Loopy Stanley project sent me their recordings, they sent both audio and video that were recorded at the same time, and information about which of my students’ original loops they were using, so when I received their recordings, I set the video aside for later, and loaded the audio files into Audacity.  After a little bit of shuffling, copying and pasting, and volume adjustment, the final track looked like this:

After the audio editing process, I inserted the audio track into Windows Movie Maker and then set out to find the video clips that matched the entrance of each instrument.  Thus, 3 music therapists, together with their students who had never previously met, before were able to put together a song with audio and video clips shot from around the country!

Rumor has it…

…12 Houses Bellydance is expanding!  We added a new website for the class at the beginning of the month and auditions for our Troupe, The Lovely Dozen are fast upon us.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity, but I love my fellow dancers and I love how the art helps me remember to take care of ME in this busy time of my life.

Rumor has it…

…My husband and I moved into a house this month, also a major development for us! Needless to say, our cat’s gone a little nuts in the process, but then again, so have we!  We look forward to the day we’re no longer wondering what box we left the carpet cleaner in…

Now, to the main event… Below are my adapted lyrics to Rumor has it.  Feel free to download and print the image from the link, and sing the lyrics along to a Karaoke Track like This One – experiment with playing sticks or another rhythmic instrument while you sing, or encouraging your clients or children to make the “Ooo” sounds in the interludes – Young and Old alike are guaranteed to love the upbeat music and lyrics!


Happy Spring!

Be Musical, Be Well


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2 Responses to “Rumor Has It…”

  1. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Love all your rumors.What a busy lady you are. Especially love the song adaption.

    • Thanks JoAnn! It has been a busy month, that’s for sure! I’m enjoying the song adaptation myself as well – playing with lyrics can be so much fun :-)