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As promised last post, while I prepare Loopy Stanley for your viewing and listening pleasure (from the awesome submissions we got this week!), I am pleased to introduce our first ever Music Moves Guest Post, written by MT-BC Bonnie Hayhurst of the Groovy Garfoose!  Today, Bonnie will be sharing a review of one of her favorite apps on our shared favorite new (to us!) piece of technology, the Ipad.  Enjoy!

MadPad HD – Remix your Life is an outrageously cool app developed by Smule. It has become a favorite app among many of my music therapy clients with special needs because it fulfills their sensory needs with visual, auditory and tactile content.  This FREE app is must have for therapists, teachers, parents and kids of all ages and abilities alike!  Here’s how it works:

MadPad, only compatible with the iPad2 (and soon to be iPad3), allows you to create mixes from everything and anything by combining the power of video and audio content.  You control the content that is created by recording 12 “pads” of video clips.  To record each simply point the iPad’s camera at the “action” you want to record and hit play.  The video will then appear in the pad. Simply tap the pad to see and hear the action you just recorded.  If it is to your liking move on to the next pad. Not exactly what you wanted?  No problem. Just touch delete and re-record.  Once you have recorded all 12 pads, name and save your MadPad creation and start remixing! Each MadPad you create allows for an infinite amount of creativity, which I guarantee will have your clients, students and kiddos engaged for hours! Want to see MadPad in action? Check out my video review of MadPad below which includes a few snippets of one of my clients playing MadPad in Music Therapy!

MadPad Video Review (Right Click to open in New Tab)


Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC is an avid blogger and technology enthusiast.  She owns and operates her own private practice, The Groovy Garfoose, through which she serves children, teens and adults with special needs.  You can read all of her app reviews on her blog at


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