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Another short post today – this seems to be the month of mini-posts for me – SO much to do and share!  As you may have noticed last post, there was a litany of events over the last two weeks, and it’s been my joy to call each one a success.  You can find my interview with Janice Lindstrom of the Music Therapy show here – a post on the specifics of what we talked about is forthcoming, as well as a post on performance and working with adolescents, which will segue us nicely into our first ever guest post on Music Moves coming up at the end of the month!  I can’t wait!!  Until that time though, here’s a little story for you…

One of the first and best pieces of professional advice I ever got came from my Great-Grandma Mae (who is really my step-Great Grandmother, but that’s a little convoluted) – I’ll abbreviate her title here to “GG Mae” whenever I speak of her.  One day, when I was a pre-teen, I observed her on the phone with a friend, scheduling a lunch date.  I remember hearing her repeatedly say “No, that won’t work, I’m out with Emmie that day,” and wondering ‘who’s Emmie and why have I never met her if she keeps GG Mae so busy?’  When GG Mae hung up, I asked her about “Emmie,” and GG Mae smiled, tipping her datebook towards me so I could see clearly, the letters “M” and “E” written into her calendar.

“I always make time for M – E !” she said, and I laughed.  GG Mae went on to elaborate that she used to feel as though some folks just wouldn’t respect her need for down time, so she started inserting the “initials” M.E into her calendar as though it was an actual person, first so that she could show it to people who asked her to fill that time with other things, then over time, whenever she needed a personal reminder to take time for herself – not to run errands, not to clean the house, but truly for herself, to do whatever would help her reconnect with who she was and the people and things she loved.  Today, I keep my client’s initials in my datebook to help me keep track of who I’m seeing, and sure enough, every once and a while you’ll see an M and an E, put there just to remind me that I’m no good to anyone else if I don’t take care of myself now and then!

So, I’ll be taking a weekend away with “Emmie,” staring today – it’s the “Tribal Wonderland” of Bellydance Workshops and Performances out in Pine River Minnesota, and I am all packed and ready to shimmy and shake my stresses away! I hope to return rested and more ready than ever to take on the rest of February, because there truly is so much happening in the world of Music Therapy, both in my own life, and around the country right now that I am excited to share with you all.  I hope you’ll be enjoying a little “Emmie” time over the next few weeks as well! It can be easy to forget but so easy to enjoy once you make the commitment to take it.  If you can make it some musical “Emmie” time, all the better!  The next 12 Houses Drum Circle is coming this Tuesday, Feb 21st at 7pm – be there if you can, or take in another musical event near you – you and “Emmie” will be glad you did!


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2 Responses to “Making Time for “Emmie” – A Lesson from GG Mae”

  1. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Please have a great time with Emmie! I learned the importance of blocking out time for me a few years back. But, reminders like this are always helpful to my keeping up the practice.

    • Hi JoAnn! I’m a week late, but thanks so much for your sharing and well wishes – I had a wonderful time with Emmie last weekend! You’re right, it is so helpful to have little reminders like Emmie for our work – burnout is no picnic so I do all I can to stay fired up without burning the candle at both ends :-)